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Cub Swanson sees 5 round main event with Stephens as preparation for title bout


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Dave Herbert: So, Jeremy Stephens is next up. Are you happy with the matchup?


Cub Swanson: I am but I also really wanted the title fight. Unfortunately they said I need to win another fight first so they put Jeremy in front of me. I'm happy because it's a main event bout and an opponent that likes to throw down. I literally couldn't ask for a better number one contender fight.


DH: So, needless to say you're expecting some fireworks in this fight. Do you feel this is a fight where you need a game plan or this kind of fight better with the "adapt and overcome" approach where you go out there wing it?


Cub: Oh, there will be fireworks for sure. With Jeremy, I know it's going to be a fast-paced, crazy fight and game plans tend to go out the window in fights like that. I like to throw down and would rather not be taken down but I'm ready to win no matter where the fight goes. Hopefully, he'll want to stand and bang it out with me but you never can tell.


DH: What would you say is the biggest threat he presents stylistically?


Cub: I don't think I have anything to worry about as long as I'm on my game. Stephens is the kind of guy that goes a hundred percent all the time and he doesn't seem to slow down. I just need to make sure I'm properly prepared to go hard for five rounds. A fight like this can end at any moment so I just need to remain alert and stay on my toes.


DH: Are you happy that this fight will be a five round main event?


Cub: Absolutely. It's something that me and camp have been really excited about. A chance to go for five rounds is great preparation for a title fight. This will be my first time in a five round fight so I'm excited for it. I'm not saying this fight will go the distance but if it does, I'll have that under my belt. That's good because if I win, my next fight should be a title fight and I'll be more than ready.



Source - http://www.buddhasport.com/mma/buddhasport-article/2014-05-07/cub-swanson-sees-5-round-main-event-with-stephens-as-preparation

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