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Jon Jones vs. Alex Gustafsson


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A couple of weeks ago I watched the Jones/ Gustafsson fight for the third time since the actual fight and I cannot get the outcome of that fight off my mind. It really bothers me to think that the judges made a completely biased decision instead of a fair and just decision. If I were to watch the fight a thousand times, I still would see Alex kicking Jon's **** each and every round. Sure, Alex was caught once, but that is NOT enough to win a fight....current title holder or not. Jon didn't succeed in a single takedown attempt. Alex dominated Jon the entire fight and, clearly hit Jon harder than he has ever been hit. Even the stats on that fight say that Alex fought better than Jon. So, the judges' decision was bull****, obviously biased and the worst, most unfair decision I have ever seen. On the flip side... Much love to the UFC and Dana White. [-(

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