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Libyan armed groups fight over capital


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Tripoli - On Sunday around noon, the city was experiencing an eery calm as people rushed to stock up on food and petrol supplies in anticipation of a fresh round of fighting.


Earlier in the day, militias had stormed Libya's parliament building and demanded that the assembly drafting the constitution become the country's new parliament in place of the General National Congress (GNC), following the heaviest fighting seen in the capital since 2011.


Militias from Zintan, where rebel fighters rose to prominence after getting hold of a large number of weapons during the uprising in 2011, launched an offensive against the Islamist-led militias in Tripoli.


The move was a show of support for Colonel Khalifa Heftar, who launched a military operation named "Libya Dignity" against Islamist militias in the eastern city of Benghazi in early May.


"The Libyan people's support for the operation does not mean they support Heftar," political analyst Kamal al-Mizoghi told Al Jazeera. "Libyans are looking for someone to guide and save them and it does not matter who that is."


The two Zintan militias, QaQa and Sawaik, along with other army units from different areas around Tripoli, attacked bases on the outskirts of the capital, including the notorious 27th Brigade located 27km west of Tripoli. The 27th Brigade is thought to be home to an Islamist militia under the command of a man named Buka.


Buka is the head of one of the units of the country's "Libya Shield", a large brigade that supports the Islamist trend represented in the GNC. They were bought to Tripoli from Benghazi by the GNC to protect them in anticipation of an attack from Zintan.



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Where do you find these stories Fobar?....i mean Richard.


You drop by the forum dump about a dozen political/random news threads then bounce. lol Do you at least make money for spamming these?


Just to be clear i'm not hating some of them are actually pretty interesting.

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