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Gracie Barra black belt arrested


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for raping a child.....




and gets **** raped hard by 20 inmates in prison.




Daryell ****son Meneses Xavier, a Gracie Barra competitor and jiu-jitsu instructor, is facing charges in Brazil of abusing, killing, and possibly raping his 1 year old stepson.


Daryell ****son Meneses Xavier, described in local news as a jiu-jitsu instructor and a documented competitor for Gracie Barra in Brazil, is facing charges for abusing and killing his one year old stepson. If that weren't disturbing enough, there is also possible sexual abuse involved.


A report in Globo states that the boy was left alone with Xavier and, just one hour later, Xavier called the mother to inform her that the boy fell and was having seizures.


Globo has more (translated using Google Translate):


The child was hospitalized on September 27 in Anchieta Hospital, Wansbeck, and died two days later. Doctors had been informed that the victim had been dropped. Servers from the facility, however, triggered after police find that the injuries were not consistent with a fall.


"The action was blunt trauma to the force applied was very large. Only a person with great poise and knowledge of techniques, as the stepfather, who was jiu-jitsu, to know, "said the delegate from the 38th Precinct Tania Soares. "The child also had a fissure in the anus, it is unclear whether from sexual abuse, since constipation also gives fissure."


The family is requesting capital punishment for Xavier, with the grandmother set to deliver a letter to the judge to request the harshest punishment possible.


For his part, Xavier is claiming that he is innocent.


A picture has started to pop up on Facebook allegedly showing Xavier in prison, covered by bandages. The text below the photo reads (again, via translate):


The teacher of jiu-jitsu Daryell ****son Xavier Meneses, stuck in Wansbeck, DF (for raping and killing his stepson 1 year and 11 months), even with bandages in the **** after being raped in prison, was raped again by 20 prisoners


There are bandages on his back which are supposedly from stabbings inflicted by the prisoners.

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Also, should of threw that guy right back in to the prisoners, teach that bish a lesson


They did.....


“Daryell was raped by about 20 prisoners,” according to a report translated by the Inquisitor. “He had injuries all over the body, the most serious ones in the **** region.”


Xavier’s horrific **** injuries required stitches. But upon his return to his jail cell, the furious inmates attacked him again. The prisoners ripped out the stitches in his rectum and raped him again. Blood stains are visible on the back of his shorts in photos released to the media by jail officials.


The savage beating and rape of a detainee by other inmates sparked debate over whether such cruelty is justified.


“They should put all child molesters, killers, rapists whatever in general population here in the states as well so they can have a dose of their own medicine,” wrote one commenter.



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