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First, I would just like to formerly apologize to all the members I've trolled over the last year or so. TUF1, carnages, but most importantly idrankyourbeer. My sincerest apologies. I've been going through a denial phase in my life of late. Call it a midlife crisis but recently, everytime I look it the mirror the sad reality that my youth has escaped me has become more and more apparent.


You see, it all came to fruition when I was playing "Lego Movie the Video Game" with my son Randy on the Xbox and when Dana White text me how much of a piece of **** son I've raised. In that moment I realized that young Randy doesn't need a friend, he needs a man. Needless to say I quickly sold my xbox and upgraded to a PS4. I'm pleased to say, Randy and I have never gotten along better and he's really coming into his own. So to summarize, the Playstation 4 is GOAT and I apologize to everyone I've disappointed. Thank you for your time.

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Agreed. PS4 reigns supreme. My homies 6 year old daughter taught me a valuable lesson the other day. I saw the joy she received from playing Doki Doki Universe, which is a PlayStation exclusive. The controller that originally had fallen apart, was replaced with a new one, and so far has held up strong. I retract all statements made in my "PS4 is Garbage" thread and my heart felt apologize go out to all that it affected.

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