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Newbie with UFC 173 tickets needs some help :)


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Hi all,


I am a long time 'TV enthousiast' of UFC. Totally unskilled in the sport, but love watching it :)


Now I found myself to be in Vegas at the same time as UFC 173, so of course immediately got tickets and am very excited to got there tomorrow.


Stupid question however is: where can I find a bit more detailed program? The main event times are easu to find, but there seem to be preliminary events/fights and I am not sure what they are and how late they start. is there a program online some where. Am I correct in seeing that the first events (early prelims) start ay 6:30 PM local time in Vegas? Followed by another set of events at 8 PM (Fox Sports 1 prelims)? I assume my ticket gives me access to these as well? At what time do you guys recommend I show up.


Sorry to ask such a noobish question, but I just spend looking on line for half an hour and came up empty handed.


All enjoy tomorrow :)



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