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Barão: "All credits to Dillashaw"


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Despite your xenophobic hatred towards Renan, that's what he said:


"Right in the beggining I took a huge shot, and got into auto pilot for the rest of the fight - at some point I didn't know where I was. I was asking Dedé if I won or lost the round (lol), which round was that. So that was it, I was rocked from that first shot that landed. All credits to Dillashaw, it was his day and he did well, and that's it. I'll train hard and come back strong to get back what's mine."


Humble in defeat. Hate as much as you want, he's still the #2 BW.



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i expect him to comeback in beast mode


Ugh, who told Wedo how to change his name? That was classified information that only few had the proper clearance for. This spillage will be detrimental to the forums state.


The GOAT tag is only for cans now


you better switch back before you get stuck bruh


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"My training was pretty hard. I was well prepared, there's no excuse that I was not ready. I wish I had more rest, but I had an outstanding camp, full complete. Now my goal is to rest, get back to my city, see my family and then get the belt back to Brazil"



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