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Lil Nog vs Anderson @205 Loser Retires for good?

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In light of my recent new av it got me wondering who would win if these two were matched up at the beginning of 2015 next year?



Both need to retire and it would be a good way to prove they are not both cowards by not fighting due to being "friends".




Lil nog takes it via Tko(punches) in round 3 imo.




Silva doesn't have much left in the tank after what Weidman did to him via taking his soul + chin.




















Please Discuss.

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Weidman vs Anderson 3 will happen, nuff said.


Lol anderson wouldn't accept that fight even his life depended on it, which it does.



Weidman KO'ed andy twice in the first fight, then put him out for over a year and made him leave the octagon on a stretcher screaming in pain in the rematch.


can you imagine how badly a 3rd fight would be for anderson's health? he might actually die out there.

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