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Match fixing goes all the way up to FIFA World Cup


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That article above is based on a New York Times article. I can't find a link to it yet.



I've had this discussion with a few people on this site. I was telling them about the match fixing scandal originating out of Singapore years ago. That scheme supposedly touched every continent and every level, now including international friendlies.


That's the most disturbing part to me. It seems like it would be easy to rig lower level matches with guys who make lower salaries. Generally the international squads are comprised of the country's best players, who tend to be the highest paid.


The gif on the link is from the last week, I believe. If I remember right, that outcome was a huge upset. That's exactly what was happening in the match fixing schemes that I've read about also. The underdogs aren't drawing, they're winning outright. These underdogs are hitting +2000's, +2500's, numbers like that.


I'm kind of weary betting on the World Cup now. Might have to throw some money at Croatia over Brazil in the opener.




@Weidman__the__Great, @JChristian522, or anybody else that gambles on sports... let me know what you think.

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