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Jon Jones.


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He is officially the biggest ducker in the UFC. He will never ever be considered the greatest of all time if he does this crap. I hope for all that is humane that Dana White tells Jones he cannot fight unless he fights Gustafsson because he is clearly scared and is just trying to pick easy fights. Well guess what Jones, when your a champion, you DO NOT get easy fights. He is my least favorite fighter BY FAR because he is such a fake arrogant prick and thinks he's the greatest but he is no where near GSP/ Silva status and never will be. Anderson Silva and GSP NEVER ducked any fights and they fought whoever was next in line. Jones tried ducking Glover, he tried ducking Sonnen, and now he is CLEARLY ducking and scared of Gustafsson. Then, he goes and tells his fans( I don't know how someone can be a fan of his) that "it's my career, not yours" which is bull crap because if nobody watches him, he doesn't have a career. He needs to man up and fight Gustafsson, otherwise he will be remembered as a sissy and not a GOAT. I can't stand him and I hope if he mans up, that. Gustafsson knocks his head off.

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