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Go Full PakaL... just once


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I can't help but wonder if I can communicate with PakaL in this language he has based loosely upon English. So I'm going to give it a shot and see if he understands me better. You can try it too.


Ready... go!


All I no izzzz pokeSEEjoneSEE was so scared of DC but when they cornered pokeSEE and Uncle DANA forced him into yo teevees like roy & helen way back when you wuz Stay Tuned.... The peoples champ Gus THE MAULER GONNA maul pokey n show doubter they shoulda seen the greatestness in the blood of gus THE mauler.



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Yall just halfway Pakals... DO you realize just how hard it is to fit in with below 100 i.q levels? When i first came to the forums i had to make sure i presented myself as just another MMA fan who don't read or enjoy the art of education. Over time i realized the mma community is smarter than below the 100 i.q average thus my cover was blown. Been trying to stick to the script ever since it aint easy being uneducated and sleezy.

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Skip-a-lop beep bop shoop, daweep sha-doop


Herp derpa shurka lurka twerka nerka furka fo burka wit skittles ya fiddles.



CashLoW this 4 U hommie...


Let that real shizzle provoke haterism see you'ZZZZZ a wannuh be loc and i hope when yuh fans hear about you forum spraying me, the same thread you makin is promoting me. Mudder fluck cole , stomp grind and cashhoe.


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