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Forum Moderators THIS HAS TO STOP


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I am constantly abused/trolled and death threatened and nothing is done (you banned cromwell so +1 for that) but besides banning cromwell you've let people on this forum run a muck. Here is proof, please put an end to this nonsense.


photo trolled-1.png

photo Harassment.png

photo abuse.png

photo trolled.png

photo trayvon-cries-375x283.gif

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When I am on my death bed I will have a great story to tell my children about how I changed a forum and made it a wonderful place/community with millions of people when it was previously a wasteland full of trolls and imbeciles. When you TROLLS are on your death beds all you will be able to tell your sh*tty hoodlum kids is how many people you trolled on this forum.

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lmao amazing how much troll bait I used to cast out and the amount of folks who would actually bite.


Young Teemu the philosophizer could have changed the world if it wasn't for these abusive fricks m8

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