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I would rather watch two guys fight in a cage than 22 homoz run around a field kicking a ball


Funny you say that cause a lot of UFC fighters tried to become one of those 22 ****'s but couldn't make the cut so they had to become fighters


Aldo tried, but gassed after 5 minutes.

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Soccer is the gayest sport in existence.


still rustled about Mighty Mouse winning?


He's rustled about nobody being rustled


tells people if they're gonna cry about Mighty Mouse then don't watch him... doesn't watch the World Cup and still cries about it.

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Soccer was invented for poor people


Any retard can play it, all you need is a field and a ball


Budget 50 cents



Yeah it's not like the rich MMA sport where you just need two hands
















Or one




Boxing has been around since the caveman days homie


I'm just saying, the cheaper it is to play, the more popular it will be....but that doesn't mean it is a better sport


Soccer is gay as ****


only popular because any poor bum can play it

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