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Good Luck or Bad Luck?


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I was on my motorbike yesterday, headed to a little shop downtown that I can trust to cut my hair right. I approached an intersection. Green arrow. I took a left but a car coming the other way disregarded their signal. I got hit.


Nevermind this being typical of the sort of thing that happens to me; the sort of thing that a lot of people on here believe I make up. It really happened. That's not the point.


Anyway, a car hitting a bike is bad; it's really bad. But, I walked away from it with barely a scratch. My shiny little bike (which I got for nothing) looks like crap, but it still works fine. I didn't take down her insurance information and I didn't get the police involved because I think I might have a warrant for that scuffle I got in with the cops back in November of 2012, but I got her number (she was cute, too) and she offered to pay for the damages (I thought about it and figured 150 bucks should do, as that was the price of the moped, which still runs, though it looks like crap now.)


I got hit by a car on a bike, but I am okay and my bike still works.


Good luck or bad luck?

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To me, luck is more than a concept; it is a synonym for mathematical probability. If one was to flip a coin an infinite number of times, at some point they would surely land on "tails" 10 times in a row, a hundred times in a row...even a thousand times in a row. A professional basketball player with a certain measure of skill will most certainly be on what appears to be a "hot streak" sinking the ball from the three point line an extraordinary amount of times. It's a mathematical probability.


Don't be foolish.


With billions of people on this planet, there will most definitely be people on a similar streak; "good luck" or "bad luck." I've been on a streak. Let's not get into the silly semantics of what is real or what is not. Luck is a real thing; a thing that could sting without thinking (like a bee.)


Anyway, would you say what happened to me was "good luck" or "bad luck?"

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Did you get that haircut?


Yes. I don't really like it, though. The stylist (I dislike that word, "stylist;" it's not very manly) didn't seem to want to listen to my instructions and was trying to cut my hair like some teen pop singer or something. I did what I could to battle against the forces of Bieber from my defenseless position in a salon chair, but I was clearly attacked.

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You're right about luck having some relationship to probability through chance but luck is also hugely based on perception where as probability is based on reality. For instance you go jump off a 2000 ft cliff onto a hard rocky ground below & i guarantee 100% of the time you'll be dead. There's no 0.000001 times you won't be dead.


The same thing for everyday living. If you put yourself in dangerous situations frequently with a lot of variables then dangerous things will happen and are MORE LIKELY TO OCCUR.


Now some things are out of your control like other people's actions, their thoughts , natural events etc. but you do have the power to stay focused and make good decisions for yourself and those around you so that that you don't put yourself or others in situations where "bad" luck can occur more frequently.


You do have control over your mind to not be distracted, to make good decisions, to not let your emotions get the better of you, to learn from your experiences, perceptions and biases to read things better and make better informed decisions that will help shape your future.


So in conclusion in case you're still not getting it, say this out loud.....




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