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The stomach condom


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I'm currently on holiday somewhere in The Belgian Ardennes near where the 101st airborne fought. Unlike you lazy lot I like to stay creative even on my off time so here's what I came up with while sipping on some terrible tasting diet coke.


The stomach condom. The idea is that before you eat whatever is concidered a direct assault on the human body, you swallow a condom that assumes the shape of your stomach. After that you go apeshish on a big bucket of KFC, McD's or whatever else has your fancy. Afterwards you take out that condom and put it in the trash. I mean junkfood is all about a greasy salty mouth right, who cares where that ish goes once your done chewing it.


If this idea takes off and I become the next Zuckerberg I'm buying you all a Corvette ZR1 in the color of your choosing and a matching 10 gallon stetson hat. Just because I can.




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We are all very lucky that you "stay creative".


Yeah laugh it up old timer, that just cost you a Stetson.








I'll settle for that knife.


It's great and easily the new favorite in my collection. It's the ZT 0801. A collaboration between Zero Tolerance knives and custom knife designer Todd Rexford. The handle is a full titanium framelock, blade is a modified droppoint made of a high carbon powdersteel called Elmax. It has a KVT ballbearing pivot system over which the blade rotates. It's a beautiful piece of precision engineering. I highly recommend it if you're in the market for a quality tool.



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