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If you could go back in time....


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You do realize Jon Jones has enough money to have your IP tracked and pay some Bosnian war criminal to make you eat your own nutsack right?

JJ can suck a nut after practicing eye pokes. We need to find the milk man JJ came from as he looks nothing like his siblings. The milk man with chicken legs...


If i could go back in time or forward i would get rid of J rod the mutated future human / grey alien. And after that i would set up the inbred elite class for a flooding in the underground world they created.


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How did they react when Team America came out?
butterfly effect, don't **** with ****


Where does that expression come from and what does that mean? I know there was a movie about it but I never saw that.


it means if you go back in time even the slightest change could alter the whole corse of history.

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