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Post Links to Videos of Fights Won By Brutal Leg Checks!


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I want to see them all! We've all seen how Weidman masterfully and methodically dispatched Silva. Now, post links to all of the other fights won by brutal leg checks!


I am positive that this wasn't a fluke! I am as positive as a lot of other posters on here who have an enormous amount of inside information about fighting technique...even if it does't usually make sense to those who have competed. The problem is, I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever seen nor heard of anyone winning this way.


So, just point us all in the direction where we can see videos of MMA legends winning in this fashion. That will silence the naysayers!

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Just a matter of time before you make this thread about you.


How is this about me? What are you reading?


Quit following me around, you puny, little twerp.


I'd body you


Maybe in video games.


I'd body you irl and gaming 100% of the time

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You never heard of Tyron Spong... @Mcmax3000‌ ban him from the forums for being a fake mma fan.


Yeah, I won't be doing that, but I will be deleting links, and closing this thread, because posting links to copyrighted materials that don't come from official sources is definitely against the rules.

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