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Did UFC shoot itself in the foot by ...


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.... making every PPV card with a title fight as a headliner and making fans used to that ?!


Do you guys remember, when not too long ago, a lot of PPV main events were non title fights ? i.e Evans vs Rampage, Evans vs Thaigo Silva, Big Nog vs Randy, etc ....


Were you guys ok with that back then ?


UFC is now having a legit issue with UFC 176 headline, rumors are that UFC 177 will be (AGAIN/ALREADY) Dillashaw vs Barao 2 and who knows what will happen with Jones vs Gus 2 !!!


Would you guys be ok if UFC start to have headlines, where 2 guys would fight for a #1 contendership and not only title fights ? What do you guys think the response from (casual) fans would be ?

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