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Moose Jacare 2 sig bet.


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I am the defending Forum Champion and on an 8 fight win streak.


I don't do these amateur sig bets.

son you ran out of that Weidman/Machida thread faster than Condit could ever dream.




I backed out of the bet.


How is that welching? lmao


Don't be mad that my MMA elite colleagues informed me that Lyoto was going to get bodied.

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Is there an issue with either of those lines?



yes especially the ben/reem one. jacare moose should be a good and close fight although i do favor jacare, but ben is pretty much like a HW version of tim boetsch. got a good chin and solid power, can always pull something off, not to mention he will probably have a 40lb weight advantage in this fight so if he gets on top of  alistair it'll be bad news for the reem.

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