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Matt Mitrione meets Derrick Lewis at UFC Fight Night 50


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Mitrione took out kimbo and that other big black Marcus jones or whatever I don't remember that cans name , the black beast is in for a rude awakening when mitrione touches him ,meatgoat via heavy leg kicks


LMAO he was scared to exchange punches with Kimbo he didn't take him out. If they banged Kimbo would decapitate him.

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great fight


2 cans...does it really matter who wins?...


The Black Beast is not a can you mother focker.

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Do you think someone nicknamed "The Black Beast" would lose to some white football playing can?

he already did....


Shawn Jordan.






Shawn Jordan isn't a can. Only man not to get his ish pushed in by Kongo.


lol, Kongo beat Jordan the same way he beat Mitrione.


He DOMINATED Mittrione


Threw that can for five



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The Black Beast is going to be at Foxwoods?






What u know about Foxwoods homie? You from Mass?


Yes I am, sir


Well good ****, you live mad close to this homie. I go to Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods regularly.

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