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To make it easier on the people watching...


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It isn't enough that most of them can't fight and brawl like school-yard bullies, they also have to look repulsive.


A. Let it stay like it is - no make-up:



B. Some make-up please:



C. I'm torn on this one (explain in comments)

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Namja do you even pakalnese bro?
Nope, that's too gay.

Do you Gus?

















Get Gus's name out yo mouth kid ola... He to manly for your thread just like you're to sexy for this forum.http://youtu.be/39YUXIKrOFk

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^ Two idiots are disputing something retarded.


This is a sight to see.


Come on now Forum Goat, Pakal is brilliant and we love him around here.


Shrugs .. meh....


Admit it, you'd miss him if he left.









Ok maybe....

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