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Jacare vs Mousasi betting


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"Monkeyball" is racist, but it wasn't even a basketball reference really.


Z-Bo said Perkins was bluffing on the court when he acts tough. And Z-Bo said "I don't bluff.".. that dude got in trouble one time for beating some can down with a pool stick. You don't **** with Z-Bo.


Speaking of cans, wedo are you trying to duck my poop eating bet by losing a loser leaves the forum bet first??

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Name change, av n sig 1 month.

I got Jacare , any takers?

@12er where you at?


IMO, Moose is gonna spend too much time on his back , and he won't be able to sub Jacare, SO HE LOSES IF THAT HAPPENS.......I'M.Rooting for MOOSE but betting on JACARE........If Moose can stuff some takedowns, it will get interesting

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