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Marcus Jeter of Bloomfield, NJ, Escapes 5 Year Prison Sentence After Dashcam Footage Clears Him


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So many cops are borderline retarded and overly dramatic.


When I got a DUI at age 19 I had a friend in the car with me.  When a officer was searching him and asked him if he had any weapons he told him he had a pocket knife in his right pocket.  The cop pulled it out and opened it up before tossing it in the passenger seat.  When we got to the hospital for the blood test he told me "I about had to shoot your friend." and I asked why.  "He tried to pull a knife on me."


I was just blown away.  I told him it wouldn't make sense for someone that is being charged with underage consumption to pull a knife on a cop and he just insisted that he did.  Here's just how intelligent this officer was.  When going through my trunk he finds my weed grinder and looks at it confused.  Turns to the other officer and says "Look at this, it's a pill crusher, put the pill in there and it crushes it right up."


There was green residue all over the teeth of this thing.  A pill would only be broken into chunks.


They tend to have little or no education and 30 grand a year harassing people for a living is the best they can do.  I have met several good ones but they are outnumbered by the idiots at least 2 to 1 and that's being generous.

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