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Forum time-zones from the UK perspective


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This is how I see it.


7.30 AM - 10.00 AM: The Zombie zone.  Full of insomniac Americans like Pat, Cash and 12er stumbling around, plus late night antipodeans like TC and Oz.  The European contingent slowly comes to life. Identity wanders around the forum telling Americans to go to bed.


10.00 AM - 12.00 PM: The mellow zone.  A few chilled out Europeans; your Lapos, Freds, Netshadex. Maybe a bit of NoCake if you're lucky, and Najma if you're unlucky.  Humour is gentle and informative; no gifs, memes or JPegs.


12.00 PM - 3.00 PM: The dead zone.  Nothing much happens.  Antipodeans slope off to bed, even the most hardcore Sepoe is long gone and the Europeans are working hard.  


3.00 PM - 5.00 PM: The golden zone.  This is when America wakes up. Uncle Polo dips in and out of the forum during his morning cuppa and donut, sometimes to chill, other times to go 1 on many with any Europeans lurking around.  Still a bit early for most but the pace picks up a little bit. Cash usually appears to call me a can and threaten to powerbomb me through a table in this zone.


5.00 PM - 7.00 PM: The handover zone.  This is where Europe officially hands back to Murica.  12er reappears, Carnages, Pat, WW, sober, etc, etc all appear to clean things up a bit.  Arguments put on hold 12 hours ago resume, often involving FH.


7.00 PM - 11.00 PM: The feist zone.  This is the pinnacle of forum activity from a UK perspective.  All the major players are on-line.  FH and HItem resume their paper-wars in earnest.  Fobar goes into eclectic news posting over-drive.  12er and Juice carry on giving CageRattler a damm good shoeing and it feels as if normal service has resumed.


11.00 PM - 7.30AM: The twilight zone. I don't know what happens hear.  Sometimes I awaken to 50 likes, all of them from eclipse.  A thread about shoes that had 3 posts suddenly is 5 pages long.  "Today's top poster" goes from 50 posts to 200+.  5 new threads about PEDs appear....and the Thread about Nothing grows by a couple of pages.  Britain's sole representatives during this time are Fobar, dilligently posting great news and roiding in the TAN, plus Identity roaming around recruiting for his latest fatwah.


Maybe there are more forum time zones I have missed? Please fill in the gaps.

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