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Anyone going to this?


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I'd like to meet Fedor and Shamrock.  Shamrock was my favorite fighter when I was a kid and he was destroying everyone in the no testing for roids era.  Tito I could tolerate but Royce Gracie is one of the biggest turds the sport has ever seen.  The dude is so full of himself even to this day.  Trying to fight with Eddie Bravo after he controlled Royler in the rematch.  Still salty that Bravo tapped Royler out 12 years ago.  


Royce thinks he's something special and his only win over a legit fighter is the first fight with Shamrock where he used the sleeve of his Gi to get the choke.  Shamrock just mauled him in the rematch.  He managed to beat Severn too but that's about it.

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