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UFC Countdown to UFC 184


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Anybody watched it. I'm gonna rant here, it got me annoyed.


Whats with Ronda doing all the stupid shadow boxing and hitting pads like shes Mayweather? Her stand up looks dreadful in fights. She got out boxed by Tate. Does she even spar? We all know shes going for a take down after 10 seconds.


Why is Holm Pennington the Co main? Pennington Sucks. Her and her coaches saying shes not afraid to stand with with Holm because shes training with some short/fat cans who are in the try outs for the Olympics is laughable. Holm is literally the one of the best female boxers in history who knocks girls out with head kicks. 


The 3rd fight down the pay per view is two guys both on 3 fight losing streaks.


The 4th fight down the pay per view is two guys both on loses.


Ferguson Tibau is a good fight doh.


This Pay per View is gonna flop.

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40 minutes tew long, imo

Nah, man. Closest to me is either in Vegas, which is a 3 1/2 hour drive or in NorCal which would be in San Jose or some ****, which would be a 7 hour drive.


I don't get paid enough to buy plane tickets and book hotels and ****.


I'll go to this card solely because of proximity and even though it's a **** card, I'm just gonna hope the fights deliver

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 You should get your moneys worth outta Ferguson/Tibau

Yeah I'm looking forward to this fight.


Looking forward to Pennington/Holm, sucks that is the co-main, but whatever.


I went to UFC 157 which had Machida/Hendo as co-main and was super pumped for that fight and it turned out to be disappointing.

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