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25,000 Iraqi and Kurdish troops prepare to reclaim Mosul from militants in April


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Iraqi and Kurdish troops will launch an operation to retake Mosul from Isis militants in April or May, a US military official has announced.


A US Central Command official outlined the mission to take back Iraq’s second biggest city, which he said will involve 12 Iraqi brigades and up to 25,000 troops, in an unprecedented telegraph on Thursday.


Five Iraqi army units are due to start training with US coalition forces in Iraq. These will be supplemented by three smaller brigades serving as reserve forces and three Peshmerga brigades



Separately, a ‘Mosul fighting-force’ comprised of former police officers and tribal forces from the region would enter the Isis stronghold once the army had cleared it of Isis militants.


The spring offensive is designed to avoid the swerve both the sweltering summer heat and the start of Ramadan in June.


However, the official said the operation could be delayed if forces are not ready by that point.


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