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Hey guys I am new to UFC fight club but I have been a huge MMA fan for years now. I am attending my first ever UFC event in Newark NJ for UFC on FOX 15: Machida vs Rockhold and I basically need to know what to expect. I need to know exactly what my $35 UFC fight club pass would do for me at the event. Like, would this fight club pass get me to the weigh ins, Q&A's and Meet and Greets with fighters. PLEASE help me I want to get the most of my visit.

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Wow you guys are ****s, just help the guy out.


So basically, with your $35, you will get to travel with Dana White in his personal jet to the UFC of your choosing (I'm gonna assume UFC on Fox 15). From there, you'll have backstage access and get to meet all the fighters.


On fight night, you get to chill with Burt Watson (if you want) and could call fighters when they're ready (like how he says "We rolllin'!!! Yeah!), but only for the prelims fights. Actually maybe just for the fightpass prelims, but with the premium I'm pretty sure you'll be able to call the FS1 prelims fighters...definitely not the main card fighters, so don't get your hopes up.


You'll be allowed to judge 1 fight; and like I said before, this will be a prelim fight. So make it worth it (I'd do the Gian Villante/Corey Anderson fight cause one of them will get finished, so you don't have to be nervous about submitting a scorecard for a decision and feel like an **** if it goes to a split decision)


After that, you will be able to guest referee 1 fight, and what's that?? Yeah you guessed right, a prelim fight, lol, you probably thought you could ref the Machida/Rockhold fight and get the best view in the house, lol, nice try guy.


After the fights have concluded, you will be able to be a guest analyst alongside Daniel Cormier, Brian Stann, and that other black guy Fox hired for 10 minutes. I would advise you take notes during the fights so you don't choke on air.


I think that will conclude your premium package.


Hope you enjoy it, man. Welcome to the forum.

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