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Mir the hw goat


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Frank said many times Wardoom is the best HW submission specialist even better than himself. 


Wardoom couldn't even tap Hunto 2.0. Murr doesn't stand a chance even if he could get him down which he won't with his poor wrestling. 

Lol Buttscooter is the best submission artist? Mir was being modest.


Mir wouldn't take him down. He would knock him down.

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Hunto would bury Mir.


I like how Mir has 3 fans now.....lol

Lel no...


AA, Cain, DC, and Mir all finished Bigfoot with strikes in the first with ease.


Hunt hit him with everything he had for five rounds and couldn't hurt him once. Not to mention bigfoot outstruck him. Hunts chin is crap now and he has no heart. He tapped to strikes by yelling to the ref when he rekt by Werdum.


Mir would beat fatso anyway he wants.

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lol, I genuinely like Mir, the double he pulled off against Noguiera was highlight reel level **** but people thinking Hunto wouldn't murder him are hilarious.  No way Mir doesn't get tagged.  Beating a roid free Littlefoot so under powered he couldn't even lift his hands to throw them and with a chin so destroyed even Phil Davis could probably put him to sleep isn't really that great going.

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