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Chelsea fan caught up in 'racist incident' is former policeman and now a human rights group director


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A director of an international human rights organisation has admitted he was involved in preventing a black French man from entering a Paris underground train amid racist chanting by Chelsea football fans.


Richard Barklie, 50, a director with human rights organisationThe World Human Rights Forum, has denied any racist chanting and says that he wants to explain the context of the incident to the police.


However he accepted he was “involved in an incident when a person, now known as Soulemayne S, was unable to enter a part of the train”.



The Chelsea season ticket holder, from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, is one of the three men whose images were released by Scotland Yard as part of an investigation into a group of supporters who were filmed preventing the commuter from the entering the train and singing racist songs.


Mr Barklie is on the board of directors of the World Human Rights Forum, along with people from countries including Nigeria, Bangladesh, Belgium, India, Canada and Germany. The forum’s website says it is dedicated to promoting “human rights, values and global well-being”.



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