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Richard Perez appreciation thread


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As most mma fans recently heard, Richard Perez will most likely not be training Nick Diaz again. The reason is simple and is the oldest dirty trick in the book. Once Nick started getting the major paydays he decided he no longer had to pay the people who helped get him there. For the GSP fight he never paid Perez what he was owed and then strung him out without a contract for Anderson fight. He simply used him for as long as he could for the training camp before Perez realized he was being duped again and dropped out. And then he uses Perez not being in his corner an excuse for his performance against Anderson. That along with somehow losing the use of his arms during the fight.


This is the thanks he gets for turning a lead footed former water polo player into a solid mid-level talent. lets give it up for the "Miracle Worker", Richard Perez!




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