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Fedor blames Dana for failed UFC negotiations


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He is possibly the biggest fighter to never step in to the octagon.


Now Fedor has come out and said that it is because of Mr White we never got to see the Emperor in the cage.


"It was very short. It was unclear why he (Dana) came. Of course, over the conversation one thing was promised, but when the paperwork was received it was something else. There was a very extensive dialogue between me and Dana, as well as Dana's lawyers, but it didn't go anywhere. In other words, Dana basically said, sooner or later you're going to end up fighting here anyway. You're still going to say yes to this contract I'm giving you."


Now why Dana would try pretty risky bully negotiation tactics against one of the most decorated guys in the sport is beyond me. You would have thought Dana would have been saying "What do I have to do to get you to sign".


White only changed strategy once Fedor was in the twilight of his career.


I got the invite [to fight Lesnar] only after I was retired," he says. "Everything has it's time and place, and it wasn't the right time for it. This is how God willed it, so it happened. I also believe it could have happened earlier had the UFC primarily Dana reached out and actually started a proper dialogue where both parties met halfway. Not just, ‘these are my rules, either take it or leave it."


Now I don't usually hold Dana accountable for much and god knows he does have his moments with fighters but failing to sign Emilanenko because of poor negotiations is a real let down.

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I disagree. As much of a prevaricator as Dana is, there's no way it's entirely his fault. Keep in mind that while Dana is the loudmouth spokesperson, he's never solely responsible for deals offered to fighters. I'm sure that the Fertitta brothers, especially in Fedor's case, had a lot to do with it as well.


I still wish Fedor would have come to the UFC, but it's all water under the bridge.  He would've been exposed no matter where he went.

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Dana buy Pride to get Fedor.


Does not get Fedor.


Dana buys SF to get Fedor.


Dana does not get Fedor.


You would have thought Dana would have been saying "What do I have to do to get you to sign".


This is what he said to Lesnar. Why couldn;t he say that to Fedor?


The problem is Dana.

Who gives a ****? Fedor got destroyed by mediocre heavyweights in StrikeForce. Dude is vastly over hyped and credited. It's probably a good thing he ducked the UFC because he would have gotten bodied and forgotten.

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Fedor had the opportunity of changing the game against Dana IF he had a better path at Strikeforce.


Lets say Fedor was destroying everyone at SF, Im 100% sure Dana would had asked him the magical question (what do I have to do to have you signed ?).


Well, Fedor gets lost to Werdum (who was very one dimensional before his UFC comeback), bodied by BF and Hendo ... lol 


Around the time SF was merging with UFC Fedor was 0-3 ...

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any time fedor wants to come out of retirement and fight in the ufc dana would instantly offer him a contract negotiation. If fedor wants to do it for the fans instead of just money then we all know the chance is always there for him.


There is no chance of Fedor ever fighting again.


He doesn't owe his fans a thing and he understands that his time is past. 

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