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NoCake vs Ozpride - Putting Australia back in their place.


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S'up homie, lets smash this and have a good laugh. Can you do 184 or wanna do 185?


Rousey v Zingano

Pennington v Holm

Jake Ellenberger v Josheck

Jouban v Walsh

Ferguson v Tibau


Munoz v Carneiro

Salazar v Yamamoto

Dhiego Lima v Means

Derrick Lewis v Potts


Krause v Lazaro

Fullen v Torres

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Lol I've been a straight up inactive can these days bro. Both sounds good. We will do 184 first in this thread, I'll post the fight card. You can have first pick, I'm assuming Rousey?

Rousey will be my first pick.


If you pick Walsh were gonna have a problem mate

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Good if you're happy with the other guy I'll just pick the other winners until you chose him. The rumours were true after all! You're awful at this game!


I think we have another ashes whitewash on our hands here old chap.


Jolly good! Carry on!

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