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Kimbo Slice's First Bellator Opponent Is...


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The only thing that could make this fight better is Tito Ortiz on commentary to let the fighters know how they're feeling right now.

and for Royce to come in after the fight, call Ken out, get bashed & thrown for 5,  piss hot then complain that he'd win under vale tudo rules where Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is all you need making you invincible while discrediting Mixed Martial Artist that surpassed the Gracie's antiquated ways a decade ago.  

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Good god!!!

Do you all realize that if Kimbo beats ken and Brock comes back and beats Mir that we could see Brock and Kimbo in a number one contenders match!

What a slobber knocker!!

That fight is never gonna happen. Brock and Kimbo are friends. Brock even got a tattoo of Kimbo's BBC on his chest.

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ik would prefer to see Kimbo-Kongo or Kimbo-Hunt or Kimbo-JDS if it was UFC

lol, Hunto would hit Kimbo's chin so hard his beard will swing around to the top of his head and he wont be a bald can anymore, just a BB can

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