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Diaz Vs GSP episode 43,972


Diaz vs GSP opinions are like assholes....  

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  1. 1. Who ya backing?

    • I'm backing Diaz cos GSP is a cheating, greasing, steroid abusing Canadian with an unclear and questionable sexual orientation!
    • I'm backing GSP cos Diaz really needs to stop with the weed, it's obviously causing paranoia and his resentment of GSP has become a wholly unhealthy obsession.
    • I really DGAF
    • None of the above (please explain in the space provided, attach another sheet if neccasary)

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Why wouldn't GSP want to fight a guy he has already totally out classed who is on a 0-4 run?


Diaz needs tto start thinking about fighting someone he can maybe beat. 


Maybe the winner of Kos/Ellenburger.

Shooting way too high with Kos or Ellenberger.


Maybe winner of Eric Silva vs Saunders would be a more competitive fight for Nick.


He needs to sneak a win in somewhere.....

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