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Isis rise caused by Obama administration, says Sarah Palin


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The rise of Isis in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere was directly caused by the administration of Barack Obama, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said on Thursday.


Mrs Palin spoke Thursday evening -- to rousing applause -- at the Conservative Political Action Conference, an annual meeting of right-wing activists and politicians.



She criticised the president for not cracking down on the militants and said he should have done more to prevent Isis from growing.


When troops were withdrawn from Iraq, experts advised to keep a residual force to maintain order in the country, Mrs Palin said.


“The rise of Isis is the direct result of this administration's refusal to heed that warning,” Ms Palin said. “The Middle East is a tinder box and it's coming apart at the seams...Isis expands, it takes back land we just spilled blood to secure.”


Mrs Palin also said that Islamist militants now control more territory than before the U.S. began the War on Terror. That claim could not be independently verified.


The former governor then called on the president to up his response to Isis and beat the the group back from the territory it has taken.


“The only thing standing between us and savages, it's the red, white and blue,” she said, speaking of the U.S. military. “(Mr Obama) thinks we can coexist with these genocidal thugs.”


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Maybe not the formation of IS but sure, he's responsible in a large part for the ' rise ' to prominence of IS. For a JV team IS are doing pretty well huh.


Documents in the administrations possession prove a direct link between Iran and Al- Quada and yet Obama continues to stall on taking concrete measures as regards Irans nuclear aspirations.


Obama's actions everywhere, from the ME to North Africa, have done nothing except strengthen the hand of Radical Islam. The whole region has descended into chaos and Obama shrugs and instead, in some ****** up way to excuse IS at the expense of Christianity, brings up the crusades and the inquisition.


Me thinks Trojan Horse   

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The rise of Isis is a direct result of the invasion of Iraq and the destabilization of that region. 


That was this guy:




Not quite true. IS began as Jama'at al-Tawid wal-jihad in 1999 later becoming AQI ( Al Qaeda in Iraq ) in 2004 as part of the Iraq insurgency. In 2006 AQI became ISI ( Islamic state of Iraq ).


In 2013 ISI merged with their offshoot group in Syria, " al nusra front " to become ISIL ( Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant ). ISIL were created with the express intent to create a world wide Caliphate and under Obama's watch, and despite Obama calling them simply nothing more than a JV team, continue to grow in strength, numbers, power and influence .


So in a sense Palin's remark is spot on.  




I'm off to watch my British wide boys kick some yank *** in Bellator!

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