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Twitter questions for right-wing political conference


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How many of you are under federal investigation? Show of hands. #CPACQ

Net neutrality is a clear threat to my freedom. Should I take up arms against the government, or just shoot my computer? Both? #CPACQ

What can we do so that rich white guys can finally get treated fairly in this country? #CPACQ #CPAC2015

If a CPAC member admits to liking Nicki Minaj and watching Empire, are they immediately sentenced to death or is there a trial first? #CPACQ

What time does the Netanyahu speech come on? #CPACQ

Hey I'm really unhappy with these cheap gas prices. Can u go ahead and get price of oil jacked up again? Thanks. #CPACQ

#CPACQ Is there going to be a #GeorgeZimmerman kissing booth?


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