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The black and blue dress: Makers considering a white and gold version


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The famous dress has been revealed to be black and blue, but sellers might have good news for those who see it in gold and white.


The £50 ($77) lace creation sparked fierce debate over its hues. While some see its real colours, millions others can only see the dress as white and gold, and it is for that reason that its seller, British clothing retailer Roman Originals, is thinking of making it in this combination.


The dress became an internet sensation after being posted on Tumblr with the world debating its colour and swiftly sold out within minutes. The sellers are understandably quite thankful for the extra publicity and have decided to please both sides by creating a version in white and gold.


Untitled.jpgThe real colour of 'The Dress' revealedIan Johnson, Roman Original's Creative Manager, told Mashable: "We are thinking about making a gold and white version," he said. "We already do it in other colours. We could do it quickly, but it has to go through quality assurance."


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