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LOL at the Q&A with Rumble.


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There's still like 20 minutes left for me and already at least half a dozen people have asked him to please destroy Jon Jones


One lady was Swedish and said she was pissed off at him.  Then she said there is something you could do to make it up to her and at first it sounded like she wanted the BBC.  Even Megan and Rumble thought that's what she was getting at.  Then she says "You can make it up to me by beating the **** out of Jon Jones."


Hey Jon... go make some fans.

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It's like 46 minutes so I have to take breaks.  A lot of idiots asking either dumb questions or the same questions.  Rumble had to put one idiot in his place after he asked him "Hey, you want to go snort a line in the back, just kidding."


Rumble immediately was like "No one in this room is perfect and that is not appropriate.  I still have respect for the guy, he made a mistake"  something along those lines


Rumble gets frustrated a few times and I still have like 11 minutes left.

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