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Parenting done right


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My daughter got a load of girly stuff for her birthday and she was genuinely happy.  I gave her one of these and she was stoked as ****, lol  :lol:






And to think my Mrs doubted my choice of present  :D

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thanks Bubba for reminding me about this thread, i apologise for the neglect i have shown



I'm going to make a pasta salad today that is delicious, and on top of that my kids eat it, so it's a win/win.


Rotini noodles



Sharp Cheddar cheese (yellow)

Sharp Cheddar cheese (white)

Green Olives

Black Olives

Italian dressing.


Looks like this



Someone add Polo to the parenting done right thread for this sumptuous healthy and nutritious meal (although I'm feeling mighty peckish now)

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