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State of Womens MMA and the Future


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First off, i am impressed by Ronda's Performances.


But i am not happy with womens MMA as a whole, with the current setup.


There are a few things that annoy me with the state of womens MMA at the moment.


When the UFC bought WEC. The first thing i said was, that the UFC should bring over the lighter weight classes and make them UFC champions to strengthen PPV's. I made a poll on the UFC forum about it, and people shot down that idea straight away. So i understand that any ideas that i have, people are going to disagree with it, no matter what.


When i made the poll i was thinking about the the future of the sport. So ill give my ideas on womens MMA, thinking about the future of the sport.


With the current setup, Womens MMA is divided. I think this does a disservice to MMA fans and to half of the Women fighters.


My first issue is with the split divisions in the UFC. 115 and 135.


I understand the logic behind having only these two divisions. By having no 125 pound division it allows the 125ers to either go up or down to fill out the divisions with more fighters under the UFC banner.


But i see it as a 125er either putting on extra weight to make 135 or cutting to much weight to make 115. As a fan i do not want to see a natural 125er fighting in a higher weight class unless they are extremely talented and want to do it to test them selves. I do not want to see them do it because its the only opportunity to fight in the UFC.


My next issue. Since the UFC only has a select few weight classes, it now makes Invicta seem like a feeder league. The Cyborg-Rousey talk as of late bring this issue up for me. People seem to think in order for Cyborg to prove herself, she has to fight Rousey. I think this is incorrect. For me its like Jose Aldo in the WEC, did Jose Aldo have to go to move to a UFC division to prove that he was legitimate. No, he was the Number-1 145 pound fighter in the world no matter what. Cyborg is the Number-1 145 pound fighter in the world no matter what.


One point i will bring up about a 135 pound champ fighting a 145 pound champ.


If the UFC had never entered into Womens MMA, Ronda would be the 135 pound Invicta champ and Cyborg would be the 145 pound Invicta champ.


With the current champs at the time of writing. If Aldo wanted to fight TJ Dillashaw. What weight would the UFC want to make the fight at? Would they force Aldo to cut to much weight, to make 135? or would TJ want to go up and fight for a 145 pound title?


This whole concept is ridiculous and i will highlight why. If Conor McGregor was to beat Aldo and become 145 pound champ, and was told that if he wants to prove himself legitimate, he would need to cut to 135 and fight for 135 title.


Imagine the ridiculousness of demanding Aldo or McGregor cut to 135.


Now, I think McGregor would be close to death cutting to 135. So it makes Cyborgs weight cutting concerns a real issue.


So people are not seeing the Invicta 145 pound title as a legitmate title. Why is that? because it does not have three letters "UFC". Splitting the other divisions have caused this.


How can it be made better?


IDEA 1. Is obvious. Like the WEC. Bring over all the women, all divisions into the UFC. For the fighters this is the best choice. But for fans, people say the divisions are to weak.



If i was an employee at Zuffa and had the power to make important decisions. This next idea is what i would come up with. Sort of a Transitional way into Idea 1. may not even be feasible with current business models, but i will put forth the idea anyway.


IDEA 2. Co-Promotion. Yes i said it. the forbidden word.


Im sure it will be a lot more complicated then i describe it. but here it is.


Slap the UFC letters to the Invicta name. UFC-Invicta or Invicta-UFC.


Make all titles UFC titles. every division. Invicta titles would become UFC titles (except for 115 and 135).


Fighter contracts allow them to fight on either promotion. So essentially a single division would spread across both promotions. Allowing title fights for that matter, to be on either promotion. If the UFC wanted a champion for a PPV, she could fight on a UFC PPV. If Invicta wanted a champion to headline a card, they could headline an Invicta card.


So when a fighter is signed. She is signed to a division under the UFC name but can fight on either promotion.


With cross-promotion. The majority of fights would be on Invicta. And big name fights are selected for the UFC.


At the Welcome to the Show press conference, when asked about the Alexa Grasso vs Mizuki Inoue fight, Dana White commented that the fight should have been in the UFC. With cross-promotion it could have been.


I think this would give Womens MMA a true chance to grow. Gives all fighters opportunities to be big stars and all titles will be seen as legitimate world titles. The champions of each division would have their recognition.


That is my thoughts.

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There's no WMMA. There's just Ronda and then there's all these other girls with zero chances of winning against her.

Tbh the division would at least look better if Ronda wasn't there. We'd get the impression that there's some actual competition. Now it just looks like Rousey is an actual top athlete competing against the usual tough girl who has been showing up to your open muay thai class twice a week for the past 4 years.

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