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Big D In The House


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is this another troll youtube account?


lol yes when I was reading his comments I just couldn't stop laughing.  Carns and Pat came to mind immediately when I saw the Megan Olivi post fight interview with Michael Johnson.  


Something along the lines of "This guy thinks he a boxer?  My Ronda could outbox him.  She's got better hands than Mayweather.  I wouldn't have this guy at my gym, he's not any good and Ronda might want his BBC.  Like Brendan Schaub he's a **** fighter.  It was hard stalking my Ronda every night with Schaub laying the pipe to her.  Now I have hope the Ronda will one day express her true love for me."


Something similar only worded much better and also something about smelling Ronda's panties.  It was hilarious.

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