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Philadelphia Officer Slain at GameStop Wanted to Reward Son for Good Grades

Read more: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Officer-Robert-Wilson-Shooting-GameStop-295319301.html#ixzz3Td5wZ6db 
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Slain Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III was getting a gift to reward his young son when he was gunned down while trying to protect people inside a GameStop store, authorities said Friday. 

"He was making a security check and he was also picking up a gift for his 8-year-old son who had done exceptionally well at school," said Police Capt. Darrell Clark.

Wilson, an 8-year veteran with the 22nd District, died from his injuries after he was shot several times at close range during an attempted robbery inside a North Philadelphia GameStop late Thursday afternoon. The 30-year-old father left behind two young children, ages 8 and 1, as well as a grandmother.

The officer was standing in full uniform by the counter of the GameStop at the Hope Plaza Shopping Center on 2101 West Lehigh Avenue around 4:30 p.m. when two men — identified by police as brothers Carlton Hipps, 30; and Ramone Williams, 26 — entered the store.

Slain Officer Was at Store for His Son: Ramsey
Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says slain Officer Robert Wilson III, who was shot dead during an attempted robbery at a North Philadelphia GameStop, was in the store to buy a game to reward his son for good grades. (Published Friday, Mar 6, 2015)

Clark said the Wilson and the brothers "engaged in a fierce and violent gunbattle" that resulted in the officer being shot multiple times. He was killed by one shot to the head.

"The officer was a hero and a warrior — he fought until the very, very end — firing at both of them," Clark said.

Wilson was there to purchase a game as a reward for good grades earned by his son, who turns 9 on Monday.

"What parent probably hasn't done that for a child in recognition of good work and he just happens to be there at the time that these two guys come in there for a robbery," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said as he arrived at Philadelphia Police Headquarters Friday morning.

Audio From Police Radio Reveals Actions Taken After Philly Cop Was Shot
Police radio audio from the moments just after Officer Robert Wilson III was shot reveal how his fellow officers tried to save his life and the supervising officer ordered that Wilson be transported right away. (Published Friday, Mar 6, 2015)

Police charged both suspects with first-degree murder in Wilsons' death and attempted murder for attacking his partner, Officer Stephenson, said Clark.

Stephenson exchanged gunfire with Hipps as the suspects left the store, striking Hipps once in the leg.

"As the two suspects are attempting to leave they run into the second officer outside," said Clark. In total more than 50 shots were fired in about 30 seconds.

Ramsey, who watched video of the deadly exchange, said the officer "redefined what being a hero is all about."Officer+Robert+Wilson+Shooting+Carlton+H

GameStop Officer Killing Suspects in Custody
NBC10's Matt DeLucia is gathering new details in the killing of Philadelphia Police officer Robert Wilson III who was shot to death during an attempted robbery at a GameStop store in North Philadelphia Thursday. (Published Friday, Mar 6, 2015)

"When you look at the actions of the officer I think he defined what a hero is all about," said Ramsey Friday morning. "He stepped away from the counter — there were civilians there ... he stepped away so that the shots weren't going directly at them," said Ramsey as he called Wilson's actions the most heroic he has ever seen.

"He was actually being hit during the exchange of gunfire but he continued to fight, continued to shoot."

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams also hailed both Williams and Stephenson, as heroes, saying Wilson "was trying to protect all the citizens that were inside of that GameStop."

After the shooting, Williams re-entered the store and attempted to change — telling customers and employees to not identify him — in hopes to blend in with the crowd, according to investigators.

Witness Speaks on Shooting Death of Philly Police Officer
A woman who witnessed the shootout which led to the death of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III speaks to NBC10. NBC10's George Spencer has the details. (Published Thursday, Mar 5, 2015)

Witnesses pointed him out to police and police later arrested Williams. He later confessed to the robbery and shooting saying he and his brother targeted the store thinking it would be an easy target, said Clark.

Both suspects are no strangers to law enforcement. Hipps, who has six previous arrests, and is on parole after being released from prison in 2009, while Williams has two previous arrests.

Police recovered the suspects' weapons — which investigators said were sold illegally on the street — at the scene of the shooting, a .40-caliber and a 9mm. One of the weapons had an extended clip, allowing the suspect to fire more rounds than usual, officials said. Police also recovered an AK-47 rifle from the Brewerytown home the brothers shared.

"Those two cowards that took his life were pure evil," said Williams.

Philadelphia Police Officer Killed
NBC10's Keith Jones reports from Temple University hospital, as police escorted the body of fallen officer Robert Wilson III, who police say was shot and killed during a robbery in North Philadelphia Thursday. NBC10 spoke with Wilson back in December. (Published Thursday, Mar 5, 2015)

Wilson along with his partner were part of the group of 22nd District Officers who volunteered to participate in the trial run of the Philadelphia Police body camera program. During a December interview, Wilson told NBC10 he wanted to work to rebuild trust between police and the community.

"It's less negative reaction from the community," Wilson said. "They're recording us and we're recording them also."

Commissioner Ramsey Speaks on Death of Philly Police Officer
Commissioner Ramsey spoke on the death of Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson III and the daily danger police officers face in order to protect the community. (Published Thursday, Mar 5, 2015)

Police said Wilson wasn't wearing a body camera when he was gunned down.

Investigators remained at the store Friday trying to melt snow in hopes of uncovering more clues.

Wilson's partner and fellow 22nd District officers were given leave so they could grieve, said Ramsey.

Funeral plans are pending.

Read more: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Officer-Robert-Wilson-Shooting-GameStop-295319301.html#ixzz3Td6EQ4if 
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