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most anticipated fight in ufc history, that did not deliver


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diaz vs condit

lombard vs boetsch

rashad vs rampage

rampage vs machida

woodley vs shields

gsp vs diaz

gsp vs hardy

gsp vs alves

rory vs ellenberger

rashad vs jones

maia vs weidman

henderson vs machida


LOL, seriously?! What had you expected from that fight? Elusive Machida vs a guy who only has a wild haymaker for his striking attack. Come on son.

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First off Rampage vs Suga was a great fight. Everybody who has a different opinion you can meet me IRL. lol

Now the fights:

Diaz vs Silva round 3,4,5
Guillard vs Stephens
Hendo vs Machida
Suga vs LiL Nog
Mir vs Cormier
GSP Fights in general
Hendricks vs Georges was what I was expecting. GSP struggles against someone with decent wrestling and TDD.

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