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46yo Roy Jones Jr? He's still got it!!!


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I like RJJ and I think in his day he was the best fighter on the planet to watch but c'mon man.  That dude probably doesn't even have a Boxrec page let alone a wiki page

Yeah he looks a bit stiff, but he's 46yo and his hands are still quick and powerful. Can he compete against high level boxers of today? No, of course not. Is it impressive that he's still boxing? Yes it is... He's almost 50 C'mon show the GOAT some love. ;)

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The point is that he can still compete against other boxers at 47. That's amazing IMO. He's not competing for a title anytime soon, but to see him knock out a young buck so effortlessly... Pretty inspiring!



Even Mickey Rourke can do that doe...  :lol:

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no wiki page,  but is record is  (14-9-2) jones is like 60-8,

really, he should box Bhop

I reckon Hopkins might actually kill him these days.  His defence is still good enough to make Roy miss and if he can counter him right behind the ear like Tarver and others have then I don't think Roy wakes up

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