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Hendricks Coach -"Putting on muscle will make for an easier weight cut"


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I dont think Matt would beat Hendricks but Im gonna be so happy if he does puts a beat on Hendricks LOL


Better yet, Im gonna LMAO if Hendricks doesnt cut the weight (even if he wins the fight that will mean he aint getting a shot anytime soon lol).


The horrible weight cuts have been because of walking around north of 210.  He hasn't let himself get anywhere near that.  Apparently his coaches have been keeping him around 193 and he would make 165 in college from around that same weight.

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A lot of weight loss folks say weight training is important, as having muscle burns more calories at rest. I'm fat and weak, so I'm living proof that it's true.


But as far as Hendricks goes, I'll believe it when I see it. If he has to dehydrate so much to make weight that he's shaking, I guess it will all have been a lie.

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