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Attn Cole


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Step 1:

Start with a mustache comb.


Step 2:

Brush the right brow then brush the left brow.


Step 3:

Take a pair of electric hair clippers and attach the blending attachment.


Step 4:

Slowly press the clippers down on the outside of your right eyebrow.


Step 5:
Move the clippers over the eyebrow with a steady hand.


Step 6: 

Repeat the process for the left eyebrow.


Step 7:
Go back and clip any stray hairs with a pair of nose trimming scissors.


Step 8:

Brush left and right eyebrow with mustache comb.


Step 9:

Look in the mirror with great pride and admiration.


Step 10:

Bang 10/10s

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lel. ur mom let me in her bedroom and my face touched her naughty place. she squirted on me and I liked it



I hope you enjoyed that 60 year old woman squirting in your face. I'll just keep running trains on your homies fiancee. You thought you were special. LOL

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