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Ex-UFC Fighter Mayhem Miller arrested, charged with misdemeanor battery


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Could Jason Miller be starting to really push his luck a man who has had a strained relationship with the law at the best of times.


Troubled former UFC fighter Jason Miller has once again been arrested by police in Southern California, this time in Laguna Beach. Little is known just now other that he has been arrested for misdemeanour battery and resisting arrest.  


Late last year he engaged in a standoff with a SWAT team outside of his home, and even live tweeted the event before surrendering to authorities.


There has also been a duo of domestic violence arrests.


As far back as 2012 he's been getting himself in this sort of trouble after his naked break in and burglary of a church. ( Last one has to get props, I've been drunk but I've never been that drunk haha)



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Whoa, what's with Cage?? That could be confusing, people will think you're that can TC :)


They created a new gang of Nic Cage ****s.

lol, I don't even have sigs enabled so didn't even know my profile had been haped.  Though is it really hape when The Cage is involved???

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TC is out of control! You aren't the first person who has had their sig high jacked!

Mod corruption is nothing new and at least he didn't put in a row of burn victims.  Would've been tew much, lol :lol:

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