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Jones Still doing Drugs


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Was there ever any legitimate question as to whether he was going to continue to use drugs, lie, cheat, and be an all-around reprobate?


On a side note, I like his cat. I want one of those Savannahs but they're super expensive. I can't afford cocaine so no way I can afford one of those.

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even if that's not a pipe, look at that droopy face and blood shot eyes


bones' stoned


That dude is baked!  Why the **** was he ratting people out for weed?  Has Jon been selling good Christian valued wolf tickets this entire time?


Only filthy stoner I'm rooting for is Diaz and I hope Riddle has a stellar professional wrestling career.

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@ the mod who deleted my post, that was right weak. I love how you delete my joking, inoffensively worded post, yet let some the other crap slide on here.  



Guess I logged onto the UFC's N. Korean forum by mistake, my bad.


We can't look at every post on the forum. If something gets by, we most likely didn't see it. If something gets removed, it either means that we saw it, and removed it, or somebody reported it.


If you see something that you feel is against the rules, click on the Report link, and we'll look at it.

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