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Dead forum is Dead


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CB's rankings are not legit and he is trolling the entire forum.

Even though everyone knows it's the biggest troll thread on here we're still getting people pandering to him, lol.   Well played, CB.  Well played :lol:

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You do not have the power to make this absurd decision.


He ranked CombGrabber a top 10 poster m8. Clearly trolling. lol


negative, my ranking is as CB states and his formula is sufficiently proven 



CB is so old his vision is in black and white........















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You are the only one throwing troll b8, m8.

I have never trolled on this issue.  I started a thread and the comity was formed,i am the president.   CB's rankings were universally agreed as the best to use, i have even had them run thru a computer algorithm to make sure they are as accurate as can be 

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